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Aug 30

Understanding Dementia
The University of Tasmania's Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Understanding Dementia, is an easily accessible 9 week online course that builds upon the latest in international research on dementia. It's free and anyone can enrol. The ageing of human populations across the globe has contributed to dementia being identified as one of the public health issues of the 21st century. The MOOC curriculum addresses this health issue by drawing upon the expertise of neuroscientists, ...

[Sept] 05

Summer School in Sociologies of Education (SUSEES)
This MOOC features the SUSEES Summer School lectures where renowned scholars present the way they use particular theories and approaches to study education. The scope of the lecture series is to provide new insights into the potential of theoretical resources in producing new research questions for studying the European dimension of education.

[Sept] 19

Apprendre et faire apprendre
Ce MOOC vous invite à découvrir l’apprentissage sous ses différentes formes à travers les principaux modèles qui ont été proposés pour décrire et comprendre comment l’individu acquiert de nouvelles connaissances et de nouveaux savoir-faire. Loin de la vision classique, souvent véhiculée par l’apprentissage scolaire, vous aurez l’occasion d’apprécier la très grande diversité des points de vue proposés par les nombreux chercheurs qui se sont efforcés de comprendre ...

Oct 01

Drupal for Beginners
Learn how to create your free website Drupal.

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As Koller Exits Coursera, Thinking About What’S Next With Moocs In Context
, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily
files/images/Daphne_Koller.jpg Steve Krause,, Aug 23, 2016 Contemplating Daphne Koller's  departure from Coursa: "It’ s not useful (or smart) for anyone to look at the 'end' of MOOCs and to happily pronounce “ well, I’ m glad that’ s  over with and I’ ll never have to worry about that again," writes Steve Krause. "There are  many players still involved in the MOOC biz, and the ones ... [Link] [Tues], 23 Aug 2016 21:: -0400

Online Learning For Beginners
, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily
Tony Bates, online learning and distance education resources, Aug 23, 2016 The supposedly retired Tony Bates has authored another e-book, this one an introductoon to online learning for beginners. Here are the contents: What is online learning? Isn’ t online learning worse than face-to-face teaching? Aren’ t MOOCs online learning? What kinds of online learning are there? When should I use online learning? How do I start? Why not just record my lectures? Won’ t online learning be more work? How can I do online learning well? Ready to Go As ... [Link] Mon, 22 Aug 2016 21:: -0400

Mitx Philosophy Mooc Introduces Instructor Grading - Ecampus News
, mooc - Google News
eCampus News MITx philosophy MOOC introduces instructor grading eCampus News “This is a big deal — the first MITx humanities course to offer students the chance to write a paper and have it carefully reviewed by instructors,” says Caspar Hare, who will be running the popular MOOC for the third time. “Listening to lectures and ... [Link] Wed, 17 Aug 2016 17:05:16 GMT

Be More Flexible: Learn A New Language With Moocs
, Class Central's MOOC Report
Learn Spanish, Italian, English, Chinese, Korean, and other languages with these free online courses The post Be More Flexible: Learn A New Language With MOOCs appeared first on Class Central's MOOC Report. [Link] Mon, 22 Aug 2016 04:00:34 +0000

Online Learning For Beginners: 10. Ready To Go
, Tony Bates
This is the last in a series of ten blog posts aimed at those faculty and instructors in higher education new to online teaching or thinking of possibly doing it. The previous nine are: 1. What is online learning? 2. Isn’t online learning worse than face-to-face teaching? 3. Aren’t MOOCs online learning? 4. What kinds of online learning are there? […] [Link] Sun, 21 Aug 2016 23:44:32 +0000

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