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Jan 25

The Politics and Diplomacy of Cooking and Hospitality
Diplomacy and hospitality are similar in many ways: they bring people from various cultural and social origins together, and make them temporarily equal. In national and international politics, the ritual of meal preparation can help mitigate potentially contentious relationships – or initiate a long series of feuds. Table manners can be the source of pride and distinction. Taste is an inexhaustible topic of conversation and debate. Moreover, the art of seating, serving and addressing ...

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7 Insights From Harvardx And Mitx’S Year 4 Report
, Class Central's MOOC Report
Harvard University and MIT recently released their findings from four years’ worth of their courses on edX. The post 7 Insights from Harvardx and MITx’s Year 4 Report appeared first on Class Central's MOOC Report. [Link] Mon, 16 Jan 2017 07:33:43 +0000

Community Tracking In A Cmooc And Nomadic Learner Behaviour Identification On A Connectivist Rhizomatic Learning Network
, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily
files/images/Bozkurt_Graph.PNG Aras Bozkurt, Sarah Honeychurch, Autumm Caines, Maha Bali, Apostolos Koutropoulos, Dave Cormier, Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education, Jan 15, 2017 The difference between the research we see in a connectivist MOOC (cMOOC) and those offered by Coursea, Udacity, etc. (xMOOC) is striking, and nowhere better exemplified by this detailed diagram we see in this paper. The best we get from the xMOOCs are ... [Link] Sat, 14 Jan 2017 12:: -0400

Mooc Enrollment Drops At Harvardx And Mitx After Free Certifications Disappear
, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily
files/images/whomoocs.png Devin Coldewey, TechCrunch, Jan 15, 2017 This article gleans the relevant datum from the  recent study of Harvard and MIT MOOCs. This year saw enrollments drop at each "to about 540,000 at HarvardX and 670,000 at MIT." This is against a background in MOOCs generally where enrollment (as reported by Class Central) doubled over last year. What makes the different at Harvard and MIT? "The leveling off of interest probably ... [Link] Sat, 14 Jan 2017 11:: -0400

Connectivism And Learning
, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily
files/images/FedericaEU.JPG Stephen Downes, Federica.EU, Jan 14, 2017 This is my next MOOC; it starts January 30 and runs for 10 weeks. It provides an overview of my version of connectivism as it applies to teaching and learning. It covers a lot of the ground I've covered in my talks and papers, but as a single structured unit. Unlike my previous MOOCs, I've prepared a ton of video content ahead of time, so you can follow the course at your leisure. ... [Link] Fri, 13 Jan 2017 16:: -0400

Cours En Ligne Ouverts Et Massifs : État Des Lieux Et Adoption Au Canada Français
, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily
files/images/ClassX.JPG Robert Gregoire, Réseau d’enseignement francophone à distance du Canada (REFAD), Jan 14, 2017 This is a substantial report (182 page PDF) on the state of the art in MOOCs and their adoption in French Canada. Please note that the report is written in French. Robert Gregoire does justice to the origin, development and original intent of MOOCs (if I say so myself). The latter part of the report summarizes a survey on the ... [Link] Fri, 13 Jan 2017 13:: -0400

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