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Jun 01

Nutrition and Health Part 3: Food Safety
Everyday reports of food scandals and recalls are published. One day it’s scary bacteria in meat, and another day it’s dangerous pesticides in fruits. According to some, meat needs to be cooked well to prevent food-borne illness while others warn not to heat food to prevent the formation of poisonous substances. Many consumers worry about the conflicting and confusing messages about food hazards This nutrition and health course will teach you about the hazards associated with food and ...

Aug 08

Food and our Future: Sustainable Food Systems in Southeast Asia
How can food systems become more sustainable in the face of population growth, urbanisation, and environmental degradation? How can a food systems approach help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? This course will explore how natural resources are currently used to take the food we eat from the field or ocean to our plates.

Aug 09

Introduction to Animal Behaviour
Do you want to understand how and why animals behave the way they do, and how we test hypotheses about behaviour scientifically? This biology and life sciences course provides an introduction to the complexities of wild animal behaviour, and how it is studied. Over six weeks, learners will explore the various behaviours animals adopt in order to meet the challenges of their daily lives. We begin with how animals learn and communicate with each other, then move on to discuss how they find ...

[Sept] 05

Summer School in Sociologies of Education (SUSEES)
This MOOC features the SUSEES Summer School lectures where renowned scholars present the way they use particular theories and approaches to study education. The scope of the lecture series is to provide new insights into the potential of theoretical resources in producing new research questions for studying the European dimension of education.

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5 Week Free Xapi Course By Experts, Starting 26 May 2016 #Xapi
, @Ignatia Webs
Online xAPI course, provided by the xAPI developers. You can pre-register for the course now, and it goes live from the 26 May 2016 (until 30 June). Full details are available on Course Hubpage on the Curatr website. Join this MOOC to explore both the technical realities and the strategic possibilities of the xAPI. If you want to write your first xAPI statement and understand the difference between an Activity Type and a Context Extension, this is the place to be. Equally, if neither of these things mean a darn thing, we are the community that will help you make sense ... [Link] Mon, 23 May 2016 13:30:00 +0000

Learn About Sharks In Bite-Sized Pieces In New Mooc - Cornell Chronicle
, mooc - Google News
Cornell Chronicle Learn about sharks in bite-sized pieces in new MOOC Cornell Chronicle One of the most misunderstood animals on Earth will be the subject of a new Cornell University and University of Queensland Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Sharks! Global Biodiversity, Biology and Conservation will launch June 28 on the edX ... and more » [Link] Mon, 23 May 2016 19:36:16 GMT

Les Cours En Ligne Se Structurent - Bilan
, coursera - Google News
Bilan Les cours en ligne se structurent Bilan La plateforme américaine Coursera, leader mondial sur le secteur des MOOC – pour «massive open online courses», cours universitaires de masse en accès libre – dépasse depuis septembre 2015 le nombre de 15 millions d'utilisateurs. Elle affiche ... [Link] Sat, 21 May 2016 06:09:38 GMT

Facebook Schools Moocs On Engagement
, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily
files/images/half_size_facebook-1463676707.jpg Jason Schmitt, EdSurge, May 21, 2016 "If MOOCs want to build student engagement," writes   Jason Schmitt, "they may want to take a lesson from Facebook." Maybe so. I can also think of numerous lessons they do  not want to take from Facebook. But there's no doubt that the social networking site drives more engagement than the typical MOOC, even though the MOOC actually gives ... [Link] Fri, 20 May 2016 12:: -0400

Facebook Schools Moocs On Engagement - Edsurge
, coursera - Google News
Facebook Schools MOOCs on Engagement EdSurge Researchers at Pennsylvania State University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory analyzed data on student use of forums for three MOOCs from Coursera and course-related Facebook groups, and interviewed instructors and a dozen students. [Link] Thu, 19 May 2016 18:11:33 GMT

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